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Having recently retired from my career in higher education-related immigration, I am renewing my passion for photography, especially of nature. Nature has always been an important part of my life.

The six years that I lived in Europe many years ago provided me with some wonderful experiences and stunning images. However, we don’t need to travel to distant lands to find beauty; we just need to see what’s right before our eyes every single day in a different way.

Modern life tends to isolate us from nature, yet it is just what we need to provide context and perspective to our lives.

While I have no illusions of ever having the impact of the members of the International League of Conservation Photographers, I would like to devote energy to conservation efforts and in some small measure give back to the natural world just a bit of what I have gained from it over the years. My photos highlight the beauty and tranquility of nature. I hope to raise people’s awareness of the importance of the natural world and the impact that it has on us as well as the significant impact that our activities have on all life on this planet. Humans and nature are truly interdependent. Our very existence depends on the natural world, while nature depends on us to protect it from abuse and degradation.

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Deb Ahlstedt